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Tom Foster / Texas Monthly:   The Shelf Life of John Mackey

Will Martin / Business Insider:   British supermarket shares are plummeting on news that Amazon is buying Whole Foods

Jordan Novet / CNBC:   Amazon's massive acquisition brings with it a Microsoft cloud customer

Robert Cyran / New York Times:   Jeff Bezos Goes Grocery Shopping

Todd Bishop / GeekWire:   Podcast: Why Amazon is buying Whole Foods, and what it means for the tech and retail industries

Jason Del Rey / Recode:   Here's what Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods means for Instacart

Bloomberg:   Large Whole Foods Investors Say Amazon Bid Undervalues Chain

Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:   Amazon, now a physical retailer too, is granted an anti-showrooming patent

Carl Velasco / Tech Times:   Amazon Acquires Whole Foods For .7 Billion: Workers To Be Replaced With Robots?

Matt Egan / CNNMoney:   Grocery stocks are getting clobbered after Amazon-Whole Foods deal

Laura Entis / Fortune:   Amazon's .7 Billion Acquisition of Whole Foods Is a One-Two Punch for Instacart

Harrison Weber / VentureBeat:   If Amazon buys Whole Foods, what happens to Instacart?

Wayne Rash / eWeek:   Amazon's Buyout of Whole Foods to Speed Up Its Move Into Grocery Sales

Daniela Galarza / Eater:   The Winners and Losers in Amazon's Deal to Buy Whole Foods

Chris Matyszczyk / CNET:   Amazon shops Whole Foods to cure its Apple Store envy

Roger Aitken / Forbes:   Amazon's Massive .7B Whole Foods Bid Leaves Rivals Quaking, Expect More M&A

Patrick Kulp / Mashable:   5 ways Amazon could use Whole Foods to crush the competition

Bill Roberson / Digital Trends:   Best game at E3 2017? A magical hat and white gloves take home the trophy

Bill Taylor / HBR.org:   Amazon, Whole Foods, and the Future of the (Old) New Economy

Mike Snider / USA Today:   How Amazon could change your Whole Foods

Abha Bhattarai / Washington Post:   Amazon to buy Whole Foods Market in deal valued at .7 billion

Jose Vilches / TechSpot:   Amazon steps into physical retail world in a big way with Whole Foods Market acquisition

Bloomberg:   Amazon to Acquire Whole Foods for .7 Billion

Socialnomics:   Amazon to Buy Whole Foods

Hugh Forrest / Austin Startups:   Amazon Acquires One of Austin's Top Icons

Den Howlett / diginomica:   Amazon chows down on Whole Foods, acquiring at .7 billion - it just makes sense

Scott Cleland / The Precursor Blog:   Why Amazon Buying WholeFoods Will Attract Serious Antitrust Scrutiny

Olivia Harrison / Refinery29:   Amazon Plans To Buy Whole Foods For .7 Billion

Asad Syrkett / Curbed:   Amazon buying Whole Foods in .7B deal

PE Hub Blog:   Wal-Mart to buy Bonobos, but shares dip on Amazon-Whole Foods deal: Reuters

New York Times:   Amazon to Buy Whole Foods in .4 Billion Deal

Sarah Whitten / CNBC:   Whole Foods stock rockets 28% on .7 billion Amazon takeover deal

Chase Purdy / Quartz:   Who wins and who loses in Amazon's blockbuster deal to buy Whole Foods

Will Anderson / Silicon Valley Business Journal:   Amazon deal for Whole Foods sends retail stocks tumbling

socalTECH.com:   Amazon.com Now Owns 42 Whole Foods Market Stores In SoCal With .7 Billion Buy

Daniel Cooper / Engadget:   Amazon's ready to own the future of grocery shopping

Maya Kosoff / Vanity Fair:   Amazon Hurtles Toward World Domination with Massive .7 Billion Deal for Whole Foods

Xeni Jardin / Boing Boing:   Why Amazon is buying Whole Foods for .4 Billion

Adam Clark Estes / Gizmodo:   Holy Heck: Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods for .7 Billion in Cash

Dan Rowinski / ARC:   Here Is All Of The Technology That Amazon Can Bring To Whole Foods

Dan Frommer / Recode:   Amazon is buying Whole Foods for almost billion

Mix / The Next Web:   Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a massive .7 billion deal

Dan Primack / Axios:   Amazon unlikely to get a rival bid for Whole Foods

Tishin Donkersley / TechCo:   Amazon's Prime Pantry Just Got a Whole (Foods) Lot Healthier

Ryan Whitwam / Android Police:   Amazon to buy Whole Foods for .7 billion

Austen Hufford / Wall Street Journal:   Amazon.com Inc. said it would buy Whole Foods Market for .7 billion as the giant internet …

Andrew Silver / The Register:   You'll soon be buying bulgur wheat salad from Amazon, after it swallowed Whole Foods

Greg Sterling / Marketing Land:   Amazon buying Whole Foods for nearly billion. What now?

Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:   Amazon is gobbling Whole Foods for .7 billion

John Kell / Fortune:   What Amazon's Whole Foods Deal Means For The Future of Grocery

Eliza Brooke / Racked:   Walmart Just Bought Bonobos

David Mack / BuzzFeed:   Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods, And The Grocery Industry Is In Big Trouble

Christian Zibreg / iDownloadBlog.com:   Amazon to acquire Whole Foods Market for .7 billion

Valentina Palladino / Ars Technica:   Amazon buys Whole Foods for .7 billion

Christopher Baugh / iPhone in Canada Blog:   Amazon Acquires Whole Foods Market for .7 Billion USD in All-Cash Deal

Paul R. La Monica / CNNMoney:   Amazon is buying Whole Foods for .7 billion

Evan Selleck / iPhone Hacks:   Amazon Will Acquire Whole Foods for .7 Billion

Madison Malone Kircher / New York Magazine:   Amazon Acquires Whole Foods for .7 Billion

Tony Romm / Recode:   Trump's criticism of Amazon looms over its Whole Foods deal

Kate Seamons / Newser:   In Its Biggest Deal by Far, Amazon to Buy Whole Foods

Joey deVilla / Global Nerdy:   In buying Whole Foods, Amazon just got 400+ upmarket showrooms and fulfillment centers

Larry Dignan / ZDNet:   Amazon to buy Whole Foods for .7 billion, dives into bricks, clicks, groceries


Christopher Doering / Retail Dive:   Amazon to buy Whole Foods in .7B deal

Chris Smith / BGR:   Amazon is buying Whole Foods for .7 billion

Todd Bishop / GeekWire:   Amazon to buy Whole Foods Market for .7B, dramatically expanding physical retail footprint

Sean O'Kane / The Verge:   Amazon is buying Whole Foods for .7 billion

Roger Yu / USA Today:   Amazon to buy Whole Foods Market for .7 billion

Kate Cox / Consumerist:   Amazon Buying Whole Foods For .7 Billion

Jason Abbruzzese / Mashable:   Amazon buys Whole Foods(!) for .7 billion

CBS New York:   Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods In .7B Deal

Sarah Whitten / CNBC:   Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a deal valued at .7 billion


Dan Primack / @danprimack:   more specific on instacart/Whole Foods contract: 1: no termination clause tied to change in wfm control. 2. WFM cannot pay to terminate

Jeff Weiner / @jeffweiner:   Only 1 company on earth can buy grocery chain, be rumored to buy enterprise software company & in both cases be lauded for strategic vision

Krang T. Nelson / @krangtnelson:   AMAZON, 1998: hello we sell books but online AMAZON, 2023: please return to your Primehouse for your nightly Primemeal, valued Primecitizen

Jeff Lewis / @chicagophotosho:   Bezos: “Alexa, buy me something from Whole Foods” Alexa: “Buying Whole Foods” Bezos: St

@rmac18:   Whole Foods CEO in 2015: Amazon is going to get destroyed in groceries. Whole Foods CEO in 2017: Hello Mr. Bezos, nice to work for you.pic.twitter.com/5YpMU1HNyQ

Dennis K. Berman / @dkberman:   Amazon did not just buy Whole Foods grocery stores. It bought 431 upper-income, prime-location distribution nodes for everything it does.

Ari Levy / @levynews:   Amazon adds .3 billion in market value after buying a grocery store for .7 billion because Bezos.

Dan Primack / @danprimack:   Old conventional wisdom: Whole Foods is struggling, getting cannibalized. New conventional wisdom: If you own Whole Foods, you own retail.

Farhad Manjoo / @fmanjoo:   Why are + billion acquisitions from tech giants so rare, given their recently soaring valuations? Why aren't the 5 buying a lot more?

Luther Lowe / @lutherlowe:   Could get interesting: Trump & #maga crew hate Bezos over WaPo. Trump has said Amazon “has a huge antitrust problem” http://www.techmeme.com/...

Mark Cuban / @mcuban:   The Amazon question. Can they get your groceries to you faster than you can get to the store to shop in an Uber /lyft world ? Yes

Neil Cybart / @neilcybart:   Amazon buys Whole Foods for B. Amazon market cap increases by B. Very rare to see acquirer's stock behave like that.pic.twitter.com/TgFskePVcj

@toddbishop:   Will be fascinating to see what happens to the Whole Foods down the street from Amazon HQ in next few years. Test site, I bet. https://twitter.com/...

Justin Green / @jgreendc:   The Whole Foods deal dwarfs Amazon's other acquisitions https://www.axios.com/... by @danprimackpic.twitter.com/xi5tKIqyFD

@mikeisaac:   @danprimack @benthompson this is a genuine Q: could logistical network advantage be used to squeeze out margins of competitors which some would consider unfair?

Dennis K. Berman / @dkberman:   What will Amazon look like when it is broken apart in 2025? Commerce Web Services Media Logistics Services AI Genomics What am I missing?

Leo Polovets / @lpolovets:   An interesting way to look at the Whole Foods acquisition. Wonder if it's true. I imagine cost to open 431 locations is < b? (m/loc) http://twitter.com/...

Downtown Josh Brown / @reformedbroker:   OK Apple - your move: Buy 7-Eleven!

Carolina Milanesi / @caro_milanesi:   Nice email from @WholeFoods about @amazon sharing same values of quality & customer servicepic.twitter.com/g7ECjERtAO

Benedict Evans / @benedictevans:   Amazon has two pillars - logistics and purchasing. Wondering if it can/would add retailing (merchandising, discovery) as a third.

@business:   Here's a map of Amazon's new physical footprint http://www.bloomberg.com/... http://twitter.com/...

Lina Khan / @linamkhan:   Supermarket deals are reviewed by the FTC. This deal raises the stakes of who serves as FTC Chair. Still awaiting Trump's nominations.

Dan Primack / @danprimack:   The integration where I can order my lunch from Whole Foods via Slack is gonna rock.

Cooper Smith / @cooperasmith:   Amazon's play here is to be top grocer in “Prime-y” cities— SF, NYC, Austin, Boston; will be top-5 grocer nationally within 5 years http://twitter.com/...

Shira Ovide / @shiraovide:   No tech company — maybe no company in any industry— is as interesting or ambitious as Amazon right now.

David S. Joachim / @davidjoachim:   Sale price: .7 billion. Before this, biggest deal was 0 million for Twitch Interactive Inc. in 2014 http://www.bloomberg.com/... @SFNick http://twitter.com/...

Alex Zalben / @azalben:   It was going to be billion, but Amazon brought their own bags http://www.wsj.com/...

@marketwatch:   Amazon's dramatic push into the grocery space has wiped billion from the aggregate market cap of grocery rivals http://on.mktw.net/2sxmLkF pic.twitter.com/QHZyQYvyd9

Slade Sohmer / @slade:   I, too, spend .7 billion at Whole Foods.

Benedict Evans / @benedictevans:   Has anyone else pointed out that the WhatsApp and Whole Foods deals were near enough the same price?

Edmund Lee / @edmundlee:   0 million termination fee: https://www.sec.gov/... https://twitter.com/...

Nick Bilton / @nickbilton:   This week, Bezos has bought Whole Foods, wants to reinvent philanthropy, built a rocket, and I can barely muster the energy to send a tweet.

Eric Jackson / @ericjackson:   This deal by Amazon is 4.5x bigger than any acquisition Apple has made. Apple has 11.6x more cash than Amazon.

Anil Dash / @anildash:   This could be a really far-sighted strategic deal, or Jeff Bezos' Alexa might have just made the biggest accidental purchase of all time.

Nicholas Thompson / @nxthompson:   What does Amazon get with Whole Foods? 1) Great brand name with struggling business 2) Awesome real estate

Gavin Purcell / @gavinpurcell:   Amazon: We bought Whole Foods! Amazon's Amazon account: You may also like Trader Joe's, Bristol Farms & Wegmans!

Ben Thompson / @benthompson:   Wish I were in meeting where decision was made to float a rumor about buying an enterprise software startup to disguise a grocery store

Tom Gara / @tomgara:   Amazon buying your competitor must be the worst retailer nightmare - insurmountable tech advantage, willingness to go zero-profit forever

Ryan Block / @ryan:   Loving seeing how stoked people are about Amazon acquiring Whole Foods. Speaks volumes to the confidence folks have in Amazon's abilities.

Benedict Evans / @benedictevans:   Whole Foods gets Amazon almost nothing outside the USA. (Similar, though less so, for TV). Increasing concentration in USA? Is Ocado next?

Dan Primack / @danprimack:   Got to wonder how Instacart is feeling this morning.

Lauren / @laurengoode:   My hope is that this doesn't mean rich people get their food faster but that amazon applies logistics so good food is accessible to non-rich

@business:   The Whole Foods deal, worth .7 billion, will be Amazon's biggest transaction ever https://bloom.bg/2sj0WDs pic.twitter.com/mpQBpgOVJj

Edmund Lee / @edmundlee:   $AMZN UP 3.3% in early trading, which is unusual as the acquirer. This is how much the market loves this idea / @JeffBezos http://twitter.com/...

Selena Larson / @selenalarson:   Ok who suggested Whole Foods https://twitter.com/...

Jason Fried / @jasonfried:   And while we are talking about Amazon buying companies, I still think they will buy UPS. Every UPS truck is an Amazon ad.

Hunter Walk / @hunterwalk:   Netflix: We've got Orange is the New Black Amazon: Oh, you want oranges? Hold my beer....

Sam Sifton / @samsifton:   Terrifying news if you're a grocer not named Whole Foods. https://nyti.ms/2tuFkTW

Charles Gasparino / @cgasparino:   there will be one company left in 5 years and amazon might be it http://fb.me/...

Downtown Josh Brown / @reformedbroker:   They're going to have to spend so much money upgrading their stores and tech to compete. Oceans of money. https://twitter.com/...

@reutersbiz:   JUST IN: Target shares drop after news of Amazon deal, down 6 percent in premarket, Tesco shares down 4.2 percent

Edmund Lee / @edmundlee:   Context this is Amazon's biggest acquisition by more than 12x but likely smaller relative to its current market cap, near half a trillion https://twitter.com/...

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