Newborn twin baby boys in hospital

  • Kelsey Bond, 19, is suing Quinte Health Care in Belleville Hospital in Ontario 
  • The mother said she received a call saying her baby had been dropped 
  • She said the incident happened at 3am but she was only notified five hours later 
  • An unnamed nurse fell asleep while feeding baby Kieran and dropped the infant
  • Bond took her son to another hospital where doctors found he had a skull fracture 
  • Hospital officials apologized for the incident in a statement 

Published: 16:06 BST, 12 March 2017 | Updated: 21:37 BST, 12 March 2017




A mother is suing an Ontario hospital for neglect after her premature baby's skull was fractured when a nurse fell asleep while feeding him and dropped the baby boy.

Kelsey Bond, 19, from Marmora, said she received a phone call from the Quinte Health Care 7 maternity department in Belleville Hospital, notifying her that her baby had fallen, the National Post reported.

'I received a phone call at eight o’clock in the morning saying that the nurse had fallen asleep feeding him and woke up to him crying on the floor,' she said of the February 20 incident.

New baby: Mother of premature twins Kelsey Bond (pictured right with her husband) is suing a hospital after one of her babies suffered a skull fracture when a nurse dropped the infant after she fell asleep while feeding him

Twin Kieran Keller, pictured, was born on December 23, nearly three months premature. He was transferred to a special care unit on February 3

Bond added that the hospital apologized and assured her baby Keiran Keller was fine after a pediatrician checked on him after the incident and found nothing wrong. The mother said the horrifying news had left her speechless and she hung up.

The new mother-of-twins said the accident occurred at 3am, but she was not notified until five hours later. The name and details of the nurse were not released. 

Baby Kieran and Kayden were born on December 23 at 29 weeks of gestation, almost three months premature, the site reported. The baby boys were transferred to the special-care nursery in early February but Kayden was released a week later. 

Kieran remained in the special unit because of lung conditions and other complications. Bond, who has a third child aged two, said she had been feeding Kayden when she received the call about the mishap. 

The mother then called the hospital and asked for a head ultrasound and arrived at the maternity ward later that day with her mother-in-law. 

The mother (pictured with her twins) said the hospital called her at 8am on February 20 to inform her that her son had been accidentally dropped by a nurse, but assured her the boy was fine 

Bond's son had been at Quinte Health Care 7 maternity department in Belleville Hospital in Ontario 

The teen said her son's head seemed 'swollen' and 'red on the left side', reports said. 

Despite Belleville Hospital doctors' reassurance that her baby was fine, Bond said she had a feeling her son was not and transferred him to a different hospital. 

Kieran was transferred via ambulance the following day to Kingston General Hospital, about an hour away from Belleville.

A CT scan showed Kieran had a depressed fracture in his skull and there was a collection of blood between the brain and skull, documents obtained by the National Post said. 

Kelsey Bond holds up her son Kayden to see his twin Kieran. The mother has a third son, aged two

The baby boy had been in and out of hospitals until March 2, when he was said to be doing better, the mother said. However, Bond said Kieran still needs extra special care compared to his brother, and she is concerned about the long-term effects.

Doctors told Bond her son's head may not fully heal for up to six months to a year. 

Quinte Health Care’s Carol Smith Romeril apologized for the incident saying the hospital was 'devastated' and 'sorry' that the baby suffered a fall under their care.

She called the incident an 'unusual event' and reassured the hospital practiced safe and 'excellent' care.

Bond told the paper that the nurse who was responsible for dropping her son had not been suspended or punished. 

Hospital officials however did not comment on the nurse's status. Romeril said public statements about accidents may put off workers from reporting them in the future.

'We can’t have people thinking that they’ll automatically lose their jobs or be reprimanded for a human mistake,' she told the Post. 

Romeril added: 'This is a very unusual event and I think the assurance in the care is a long history of excellent and wonderful care.

'I don’t believe this unusual and unfortunate incident that we’re apologizing for negates all that.' 

Senior director Susan Rowe did not comment on the baby's fracture that was found at another hospital.

She said they are working on an investigation and the matter will be discussed with the family. 

Bond said she was frustrated with the apology and is filing a suit for neglect. She has filed a complaint with the College of Nurses of Ontario.


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