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Comments:  A good solid shoe.  Good cushioning, great flexibility.  Very comfortable. Great on groomed hard trail, sandy trails, gravely trails, solid rock, granite or boulders but not on scree.  Comfortable, breathable upper.  The downsides - The burrito tongue had a tough time getting around my foot even though I am a D width.  Although the toe box is plenty wide for toe splay and the shoe is flexible, overall last and footprint are narrow and combined with the shoes flexibility, I have to be conscious of my foot position on cambered portions of the trails so I don't roll my ankles, which I have done twice so far.  
From: Anonymous. June 13th 2017

Comments: This was my first trail shoe for running, unfortunately I found it hurt the ball of my right foot on long runs over rocks (I have an issue with my right foot), so I moved to Hokas for more cushion.   That said, I have started doing some long hikes with the wife and found these to be an excellent trail hiking shoe.   Very light, low, stable, breathable, with a tough durable outsole.  Hoka outsole rubber is stickier and can catch on rocks, the Nike outsole is material is much harder and doesn't have this issue.  Finally, the fit is a real joy with very little struggle to get laces right, you don't even have to really cinch it out too much initially, maybe only a slight tighten up somewhere later in the hike. 
From: Anonymous. January 13th 2017

Comments: I want to love these shoes for a number of reasons namely : great flymesh material that offers lockdown fit, subtle black color, pillow like cushion...all great things but biggest hangup is the excessive cushion in the heel vs forefoot. It makes me "fall back" into my heels which is the opposite of what you want to do on low drop shoe.  it's even worse in the hoka speed instinct.  No thanks! I have been using them for about 1.5 months and still causes my lower back to be tight.  Went back to another 4mm drop shoe and no issues.  Firm up the rear!!! and I'll be singing Nike's praises because it is very nice shoe all around sans heel issue.
From: Paul, Providence, FL, USA. December 20th 2016

Comments: Coming from the Inov-8 Trailroc series, I found it impossible to find a good daily trainer.. Althogh I was never a Nike fan.. these things have 100% changed my mind.. After 88 miles they show virtually no signs of wear. Fit true to size and are more comfortable then expected. Burrito wrap tongue is a dream and the lacing is perfect. Grip is excellent and the outsole is well constructed.
Only downfall, they do retain water and don't drain well. Easily overlooked unless you plan on doing OCR or lots of river style crossing in them.
End result, I highly recommend and will be using them as my go-to daily trainer as long as they are available.
From: Kevin, Bethel, CT, USA. November 21st 2016

Comments: Just bought nike kiger 3 yesterday, tried on the wet jungle trails of malaysia , really love it. Im glad i bought it, at first doubt about its performance compare with my previous Asics shoes.
From: Leo, Malaysia. November 10th 2016

Comments: Overall impression is that the Kiger 3 is as close to the venerable 1980s Waffle Trainer as anything I've had on since then.  Especially if a non-structured heel counter is your game.  It really isn't for me, but the other great features caused me to overlook something I can actually live with.  

The "burrito wrap" vamp doesn't precise fit my foot volume, but it afforded ample room in toebox.  I may even be sized a half-size too large.  My next pair will be half-size down.  
From: Bruce, Garretsville, OH, USA. October 3rd 2016

Comments: I have run 26 miles in these so far.  The first couple of miles, I was concerned.  They seemed to rub my heal, even with a heel lock lacing scheme.  After a couple of runs, the shoe has really conformed to my foot.  I am coming from the Lone Peak 2 (a shoe I still love), but I am glad that I gave these a shot.  They are as comfortable as the lone peak.  They are a little more nimble. They don't run like a heavy shoe.  They are a decent door to trail shoe.  I will definitely buy them again.  Good tread, comfy upper, fast.
From: Mike Z, Johnstown, PA, USA. September 12th 2016

Comments: First off I hate Nike! But these shoes made me fall in love with the brand! I've been a Hoka khaki shoes what to wear fan for years.. But after watching the Ginger Runner gush over these shoes I gave them a try. Was I pleasantly surprised! Out the box did a 15 mile run no blisters no problems.. The lacing is what I love the most you can really tighten down the laces with I like! Absolutely curious how the air Pegasus is like. Good job Nike! 
From: Jose, Lemoore, CA, USA. August 16th 2016

Comments: I have been looking for a everyday trail shoe. I like wearing the New Balance Minimus MT 10's, but I need more protection and sturdiness on home (Colorado) trails. Had Salomon Sense Pro's- great fit, but very stiff and lack of grip on anything wet. Had New Balance Vazee Summit's- a pointed toe box and 10mm of drop. My feet aren't pointed and it was scary going down rocky downhills. I thought I was going to roll my ankles.   
I haven't worn Nike's in 20+ years and I was reluctant to try them. Did some research and I thought I might like them. And...I love them! The best fitting shoe I have had in years. They fit kind of like Salomon's-wide toe box, snug heel and mid foot, really locked down. Low drop-4mm. Great traction and durability. They are definitely heavier than my NB Minimus but they allow me to do everything. From easy flat trails to raspy 14er's. FYI-I am a Front Range and beyond trail runner that accumulates 35-65 miles and 5,000'-10,000' of vertical gain per week. Thank you Running Warehouse and thank You Nike!
From: B-Rad, Littleton, CO, USA. July 25th 2016

Comments: Excellent shoe for the midfoot-forefoot striker, you don't feel like you're dragging your heels in these shoes at all -- a drastic and welcomed change from Nike. The grip is excellent on trail, and doesn't seem to get in the way on road -- a good hybrid shoe. Best, however, is the width of the shoe, I have significantly wider feet than the average and feel amazing with these shoes. The flywire technology molds really well to my feet as well. A must buy!!!
From: Tony, USA. May 17th 2016.

Comments: Pros: - Upper mesh construction is lightweight, very breathable - Sole/forefoot offer good (to great) protection against sharp trail rocks (from what I could tell) - Aggressive lug traction design - "Wider" toe-box - Fly-knit provides great contouring to the foot Cons: - 4mm drop not for everyone - Heel drop (might be part of the aforementioned 4mm drop) which makes it feel like you're standing on your heels Other thoughts... I really wanted to like these for my new go-to trail shoe. These are by far some of the widest Nikes I've tried on to date (I usually wear a 9 2E, or a 9.5 D, depending on the brand). I love how the upper and fly-knit allowed me to lace the shoe to conform to my foot with just the right pressure on the forefoot, and midsole, while still being able to lock my heel into place. The biggest detractor was the fact that it felt like the shoe was constantly trying to push me back on my heels with the dropped/rockered heel design.
From: Kenny, Mesa, AZ, USA. April 20th 2016

Comments: My new favorite trail shoe! The perfect blend of feel vs cushion, great traction, lightweight, spacious toe box, drain well. I've put some serious mileage on my pair already and have found no faults. I'm going to order another pair for the bullpen. Seriously, I'm loving this shoe!
From: Jason, VA, USA. April 1st 2016

Comments: Have not run in Nike in a few years, but I read/listened to all the reviews on the Terra Kiger 3 and it sounded like my kind of shoe: comfortable upper, decent flexibility, firm cushioning, lightweight and good traction. I ordered the same size I get in all my Nike basketball shoes. The shoes arrived yesterday and was excited when I took them out of the box as they looked good. However, when I put them on, I was a little disappointed as the toe box is low and I could feel the material on my toes. I switched socks to a thinner one and this seemed to help but unfortunately, after wearing in my home for 30 minutes, my feet were tingly and just not happy. I guess the burrito tongue and the low mid-foot are just not appropriate for my foot shape (which is duck shaped, high arch and high instep, not really wide) I will add that the upper is soft to the touch and smooth on the inside, so I image it would be a comfortable shoe for those who feet fit the Nike last. 
From: Joe, NJ, USA. February 10th 2016

Comments: Had quite a few trail shoes and can say I personally like the balance between cushion, stiffness and traction ; shoe is stackef a bit high for those that like super low feel; if you must be able to get out on roads around your trails and if trails you run on are gravel and not all dirt ;then this is a great shoe; it can handle technical single track but might do better with prior version or different shoe ; Shoe is wide in forefoot (perfect) and heel collar is comfy ; not as light as some shoes but not a heavy shoe either ; overall I like this shoe a lot! Oh and it is a low heel drop so transition wisely
From: Paul, Bellingham, WA, USA. December 4th 2015

Comments: Great shoe. Wide enough, soft enough, firm enough. Traction has not been a problem. Flywire helps get the fit right. Seems to be quite durable. I have no weight concerns. Overall very happy with the fit, form, and function of the shoe. Highly recommended.
From: Tom, Morton, IL, USA. September 29th 2015

Comments: Kiger 1 and 2 were like racing flats for trails. This shoe is higher, heavier and wider and has lost that nimble feeling the previous versions had. A clear disappointment.
From: Stefan.  September 14th 2015

Comments:The Kiger 3 is a great update to the nike trail series. I have ran in every generation and model of the nike trail shoes and I think this is by far the best yet. Pros: - Light - even though the Kiger 3 got a tad heavier it is still light for a trail shoe - Better durability - these have held up better than the past models. I get about 300 miles out of them. - looks great - drains/dries quick - wide toe box - comfy - the cushion is plush but not overly so. As well as their is enough cushion to where the rocks don't hurt. Cons: - Toe guard - I've jammed my toes a few times in these. Not a whole lot of protection in the to cap. 
From: Mitch, AL, USA. August 28th 2015

Comments: I like the Terra Kiger 3, for me the upgrades are noticeable. The shoe "runs" low, lite and fast, the more aggressive the pace the better the shoe performs!
From: tdarrah. August 28th 2015

Comments: I had high hopes for this shoe after the Kiger 1 and 2. But this shoe is complete departure from the first two models.It's thick, stiff, and anything but minimal or nimble. It's more like a beefier version of the Wildhorse than the Kiger 1 or 2.
From: Anonymous. August 13th 2015

Comments: Got these a few weeks ago and have 35 miles on them. I have many different kinds of trail shoes and these are my absolute favorite for trails that are not overly technical or rocky. The burrito wrap fit provides a very comfortable, secure fit (really locks heal down and wraps snugly around foot) and the upper provides for good breathability. For a lighter weight "minimal" type of trail shoe, it provides surprisingly good cushion/comfort underfoot and I've found the traction to be excellent. I feel like this shoe gives you just the right combination of ground feel and protection, albeit not from sharper objects. My only gripe with the shoe thus far is that one the left shoe, a couple of the lugs in the center part of the midfoot sole have been sheared off, presumably from a sharp rock, although this shouldn't really impact performance otherwise. I'll definitely be getting another pair of these in the near future as I like them that much.
From: Todd, Cornelius, NC, USA. August 7th 2015




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