How to wear high waisted floral skirts

Part 1 Picking Out Your Skirt

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    Explore different styles of high waisted skirts. Because the high waist fashion is so trendy, there has been a boom in different designs of skirts while maintaining the signature high waist. Experiment and discover which styles of high waisted skirts look best on you.[1][2] There are pencil skirts, A-line skirts, pleated skirts, maxi skirts, and many more. High waisted skirts can be found in a variety of stores depending on your price range.[3]
    • Pencil skirts are known for their slimming features and are typically worn for more formal occasions.[4]
    • A-line skirts are appropriate for more modest circumstances, like interviews or work place attire.[5]
    • Pleated skirts help to create a less formal, playful, feminine look.[6]
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    Coordinate your skirt length and print with your occasion. Because there is such a variety in high waisted skirts styles, some varieties are more appropriate for certain situations than others. For example, besides the design style of the skirt, the length and print of the skirt can determine which settings and situations it would be best to wear that style.[7] Generally speaking, the shorter the skirt, the more appropriate it is for a relaxed setting.
    • For most business settings, a dark colored, knee length or calf length skirt is considered appropriate attire.[8]
    • Floor length maxi skirts are normally considered casual wear. Because maxi skirts are more casual, there is more freedom in the print style.[9]
    • High waisted mini skirts are considered appropriate for extremely casual settings, party, and club wear.[10] Shorter skirts can usually be bolder in color and paired with fun accessories.[11]
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    Wear the correct size. A high waisted skirt is supposed to emphasize your hip to waist ratio, so wearing the correct size skirt is very important.[12] If the skirt is too small, it will pull across your body and create folds and lumps in unflattering areas. If the skirt is too big, it could diminish the sleek, waist defining effect intended by the skirt.[13]
    • Since these styles of skirts sit high on your waist, it can shrink the appearance of your torso. If you already have a shorter distance between your belly button and your breast line, this skirt style will proportionally make your torso looks especially short.[14]
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    Gather inspiration from current celebrities. Over the last few years, high waisted styles have become a very popular trend, from high waisted pants, to shorts, to skirts. Because of this hot trend, celebrities and models can be seen sporting high waists in all variations. Look at the outfits and styles of popular icons and try to recreate some of your favorite looks.[15]
    • For example, celebrities like Taylor Swift, Alessandra Ambrosio, Amal Clooney, and Xenia are all notorious for rocking different styles of high waisted skirts and bottoms.[16]
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    Gather inspiration from vintage looks. Since the high waisted style first became popular in the 40s and 50s, high waisted bottoms have had numerous cycles throughout fashion history. Vintage fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Mary Tyler Moore paved the way for early high waisted styles.
    • Since it's initial popularity, most decades since have seen their own variation on the high waisted style (bell bottoms in the 70s, high waisted jeans in the 80s and 90s).[17]

Part 2 Picking Out a Top

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    Tuck in your top. High waisted skirts look best with tops that are tucked in. That’s because the high waist combined with a tucked in top, creates a clear appearance of cinched waistline.[18] Your tucked top should be fitted, like a soft blouse, a dress shirt, or even a tank top.
    • Thinner fabrics tend to fold and bunch up less when tucked into skirts, so keep that in mind when choosing a top.[19]
    • If you have a full chest, consider wearing a looser, flowing top, but still keep it tucked in. There are some shirts that may look better with your body proportions when they are not tucked in, but you will have to experiment and see how the combination looks on you.[20]
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    Consider a crop top. Wearing a crop top with a high waisted skirt can transform your outfit into a summery, casual look, or keep it classy when paired with a longer, more modest skirt.[21] Additionally, wearing a crop top with a high waisted skirt can boost your confidence in bearing your midriff.
    • Crop tops are extremely versatile, and can work with longer high waisted skirts, shorter, more playful high waisted skirts, and nearly everything in between.
    • Crop tops might not be the best option for those who have fuller figures, but again, experiment and find what works best for you.
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    Try out a high neck top. Tops that have higher necklines lend a more elegant feel to any outfit, and can help redesign your outfit for more formal events.[22] High necklines along with collared shirts add an air of sophistication and class to any high waisted piece.

Part 3 Accessorizing Your Outfit

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    Pair your skirt with heels. The elongating effect of the high waisted skirt looks best, and is only further accentuated, when worn with a pair of heels.[23] Dainty and strappy heels look very nice with high waisted skirts, but wedges and close-toed heels can also work for summery, or more professional styles. Try nude colored heels to elongate your legs even more.[24]
    • High waisted skirts don’t usually go well with flip-flops, flats or boots. Flip-flops and flats can look too casual and boots can look too clunky for the lean, elegant line of the skirt.
    • However, delicate ankle boots might be appropriate, if you have long legs. Flat shoes might also work with a fluffier, more casual high waisted skirt.
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    Wear a belt. Adding a belt to your high waisted skirt can help cinch your waist (or appear to cinch your waist) even more. A belt also lends a unique look to your style, and allows you to customize and distinguish your outfit to truly make it your own.[25] If you add a belt that is the same color as your skirt, you can create a seamless hourglass silhouette.
    • If you use a colored belt darker than your skirt, it will help create a more prominent cinch.[26]
    • If you already have a tiny waist, wear a brighter belt to help draw attention to your flattering waist area.[27]
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    Add a jacket. Consider wearing a jacket, blazer, or cardigan with your high waisted skirt. An additional top layer can completely change the vibe of your outfit.[28] A leather jacket can lend an edgier, cool look to a skirt. A blazer can help an outfit maintain a professional look, while still being relaxed.[29] A fitted cardigan can tame down your outfit, and if it falls just above your waistline, it can discretely highlight your natural curves.[30]

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    Wear tights. For the fall and winter months, high waisted skirts can be combined with tights.[31] Consider pairing your skirt and tights with ankle booties.
    • If you are going to a work party and feel that your skirt is too short or glitzy, consider wearing dark, opaque tights to balance out your outfit and make it a bit more modest and appropriate for the occasion.[32]

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    A-line skirts tend to look flattering on nearly every kind of body shape, but also consider getting a black high waisted skirt. Black skirts are incredibly versatile, and can be dressed up, dressed down, and combined with many different tops.


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  • While shopping, take a look at the mannequins. A great idea might sprout from what's on them!
  • When browsing, think to yourself, "Is this practical?" "How often would I wear this?" "Can I make a couple good outfits with this?" When you find a skirt you like, try it on. Look at yourself from all angles. Bend over, sit, walk around, do a little dance. Make sure it's comfortable and flattering for your shape.
  • Most of these rules can also be applied to high waisted shorts and pants.


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