Easy halloween cupcakes

easy halloween cupcakes
  • Add some fright to your bite with these deliciously scary Halloween cupcake recipes. Our edible web is made up of 19 chocolate cupcakes.


    The shards of "glass" stabbing into these cupcakes are made by cooking sugar just short of caramelization.

    Get the "Broken Glass" Cupcakes Recipe
  • Turn an innocent cupcake into a terrifyingly tasty vampire bat with black licorice wheels and gumdrops.

    Get the Vampire Bat Cupcake Recipe
  • A wickedly easy treat for a Halloween party, these little cakes will cast a spell over your guests.

    Get the Wicked Witch Cupcakes Recipe
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    Little Devil Cupcake

    To make this delicious devil, you'll need two red gumdrops, red licorice for his arms and tail, black licorice for ears and beard, and two black sprinkles for the eyes. A black candle serves as this trickster's flaming staff.

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    Marshmallow Ghost Cupcake

    Kids can craft a ghostly cupcake from simply a miniature marshmallow, 2 regular marshmallows, and 2 chocolate sprinkles.

    Twist top of miniature marshmallow into a point by rolling it between your thumb and index finger. Trim all 3 marshmallows, and stick together. Twist top 2 slightly to shape. With a toothpick, poke holes, and insert sprinkle eyes.

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  • We can't guarantee they'll make you smarter, but we can assure that no spooky party would be complete without these creepy treats.

    Get the Brain Cupcakes Recipe
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    Green Witch Cupcake

    To make this wicked candy witch, use a green gumdrop for a face, a piece of red gumdrop and a white sprinkle for the mouth, licorice for her hair and hat brim, and a black gumdrop molded into a triangle for the pointy witch's hat. Add two black sprinkles for the eyes, and a green mint for a nose.

  • Top these frosted Halloween cupcakes with sweet orange jellybeans or creepy black ones.

    Get the Halloween Cupcakes Recipe
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    Black Cat Cupcake

    Two black gumdrops adorned with licorice limbs, tail, and ears form a devious black cat. Two red sprinkles give him a devilish stare.

  • A band of monsters, ogres, and madmen casts an ominous spell from the tops of otherwise innocent cupcakes.

    Get the Monster Cupcakes Recipe
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    Freaky Frankenstein Cupcake

    Stack three green gumdrops on top of each other to form Frankenstein's face and body. You'll need black licorice for his limbs and forehead, and a black gumdrop for the hair. A small piece of red licorice forms a grim mouth. Complete your monster by giving him two black sprinkle eyes, plus a tasty green nose.

  • Kids can help make these creepy cupcakes with cinnamon-candy eyes, marshmallow fangs, and licorice legs.

    How to Make Spider Cupcakes
  • A Devil's Food cupcake cemetery is just as easy to make as it is to eat!

    Get the Tombstone Cupcakes Recipe
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    Crazy Cyclops Cupcake

    You will need a red sour belt, two yellow gumdrops, black and red shoestring licorice, and a white candy cake decoration for the eyeball. Cut sour belt into a tongue. Trim gumdrops and stick them together for head and body. Snip black licorice for arms, legs, and pupil and red licorice for mouth. Poke holes for eyeball, arms, and legs, and scrape away sugar for mouth and tongue; place those pieces. Use tiny dabs of "glue" from a gumdrop to secure pupil to eyeball.

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  • Cloak jumbo and mini cupcakes in white fondant to create these sweet little ghosts.

    Get the Ghost Cupcakes Recipe

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