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It was the All-Star moment NBA fans had been waiting for... the Skills Challenge!

OK, maybe people were more excited about Saturday night's Slam Dunk Contest. But plenty of notable stars participated in the Skills Challenge and 3-point Contest, including Warriors sharpshooter and 2016 3-point champion Klay Thompson.

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Thompson, however, was unable to advance to the championship round. Rockets shooting guard Eric Gordon was able to defeat Kyrie Irving in a bonus shoes round after both players finished with 20 in the finals.

Sporting News provided updates and highlights for the Skills Challenge and 3-point Contest throughout the evening. Here's everything you may have missed. (You can find the final results for the Slam Dunk Contest here.)

NBA 3-point Contest participants, results

9:20 p.m. ET —  Kyrie Irving hits 18 in the tiebreaker round, but Eric Gordon goes off for 21. Gordon is your new 3-point Contest champion! It's only fitting a Rocket would take home the title.

9:15 p.m. ET —  Kemba Walker fails to find a rhythm and finishes with 17. Kyrie Irving hits 7 of his last 9 (again) to top Walker with 20. Eric Gordon looks like he will take home the trophy, but misses 4 of his last 5 on the final rack, tying Irving at 20. Bonus round! Irving vs. Gordon!

9:07 p.m. ET —  Klay Thompson is gone. What?! The defending champion misses the cut with 18. Eric Gordon (25), Kyrie Irving (20) and Kemba Walker (19) advance to the final round. Gordon looks like the favorite after a stellar showing on his first trip around the 3-point line.

9:03 p.m. ET —  Swaggy P enters! Nick Young finishes with 18. A respectable score. C.J. McCollum, however, puts up a rough 10. Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry then posts the worst total of the night with a 9. Ouch.

8:55 p.m. ET — Mavs shooting guard Wesley Matthews puts up 11. Yeah, he's not advancing. Eric Gordon effortlessly lights up the scoreboard for 25. He could be the man to beat.

8:51 p.m. ET —  Hornets guard Kemba Walker finishes strong on the final rack and puts up 19 in his first All-Star appearance. Kyrie Irving struggles early, but manages to post a solid 20, hitting 7 of his last 9 3-point attempts.

8:45 p.m. ET —  The champ is here!

Eric Gordon, Rockets
Kyrie Irving, Cavs
Kyle Lowry, Raptors
Wesley Matthews, Mavs
C.J. McCollum, Trail Blazers
Klay Thompson, Warriors
Kemba Walker, Hornets
Nick Young, Lakers

NBA Skills Challenge participants, results

8:33 p.m. ET —  Kristaps Porzingis wanted this. He narrowly edges Gordon Hayward to become the 2017 Skills Challenge champion. The big men keep the title for another year.

8:26 p.m. ET —  Isaiah Thomas and Gordon Hayward throw up a bunch of bricks on the 3-point portion of the Skills Challenge, but Hayward finally finds the bottom of the net it to make the championship round. Kristaps Porzingis eliminates Nikola Jokic, and it comes down to a Hayward vs. Porzingis.

8:19 p.m. ET — Kristaps Porzingis and DeMarcus Cousins both miss a few 3-point attempts before Porzingis buries one to advance. He will face Nikola Jokic in the semifinals after the Nuggets big man defeated Anthony Davis.

8:12 p.m. ET — John Wall and Gordon Hayward kick things off. Hayward falls behind early, but the Jazz forward drains his first 3-point attempt to advance to the next round. Isaiah Thomas crushes Devin Booker and joins Hayward for a chance to make the championship round.

Devin Booker, Suns
DeMarcus Cousins, Kings
Anthony Davis, Pelicans
Nikola Jokic, Nuggets
Gordon Hayward, Jazz
Kristaps Porzingis, Knicks
Isaiah Thomas, Celtics
John Wall, Wizards


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